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Christophe & Carolina – A Love Story

Written by The Ivy Team

In today’s career driven society, love, romance, and dating often take a back seat, but for those whose story we are about to share, love, adventure, and passion were worth much more than anything else.  Christophe and Carolina’s story is one that they are proud to share from the way they met, to Christophe’s persistence, and to the power of love conquering all and turning the lives that that knew upside down. The story began with a boy…like so many stories do

Born and raised in France, Christophe had taken all the steps he felt he was supposed to take in life. He came from a good family, he studied hard to receive an education and by the time he was in his early 20’s Christophe had started a career in Finance that  he thought he would build upon for the rest of his life. As most of us know, life does not always go according to plan and when Christophe found himself unhappy and uninspired in his career he decided to make a change. Rather than focusing on a career that would leave him well paid,  he redirected his efforts towards a lifestyle that would leave him smiling from ear to ear, exhausted, and a little sore.

Working as a ski instructor  in Verbier, Switzerland was not the life that Christophe had imagined for himself, but gone were the dull days of 9-5 in the office, and in their place were countless days full of laughter, exhilaration, and curiosity. Since one can only ski in the winter, Christophe split his time between 2 places, half of the year working in Switzerland and the other half of the year working in Argentina…a country known for its lively culture, delicious cuisine, and proud citizens. It was during his fifth and last season in Argentina, just 2 weeks before flying back to Switzerland that Christophe spotted Carolina. She walked across the bar with confidence and the casual nature of someone who had been there many times before, she was beautiful in the most natural and innocent way and Christophe was immediately captivated.

Carolina was a bit younger that Christophe and was not immediately swept off her feet, she was careful and wary of who she invited into her personal life and although Christophe showed interest in her, she needed a gesture a bit more grand. Just the next day, Christophe got Carolina’s phone number through a friend and reached out, he asked her to go out that night but settled for a dinner at her place accompanied by her sister. The hours flew by when they were together and the two became completely enamored over dinner…after Carolina’s sister left for the evening, Christophe claims to have received his first kiss from Carolina, the best kiss he could have ever imaged and sent him home in a state of love and longing.

The last days in Argentina flew by and the two were saddened by idea of having to leave each other after having only just met; this is when the gears started to turn in Christophe’s mind and his life would soon change for ever. On their 15th day together, Christophe proposed to Carolina, he had never made such a big decision or such a grand gesture before, but, this was the one thing in his life he was certain about. Carolina knew that the idea was crazy but she felt it was right and accepted the proposal, 6 months later the two were legally wed.

It has been 6 years since Christophe and Carolina met in the bar on that memorable night and the two are still happily married and living in Verbier. Christophe is still working as a ski instructor and the 2 have opened and run a small handmade beanie shop next to the main square by the name of Amankay. They had a lot to learn about each other when they first met but neither have any regrets about how it all happened. Christophe believes that “the train doesn’t come twice in your life” and he had to catch it while it was in front of him. When they are not working, they love to spend time outdoors and keep active, they take hikes and spent time around La Gouille a Vaudan to enjoy and appreciate their natural surroundings. Christophe and Carolina have bright hopes for the future and plan to take each day as a new experience.

Ivy believes that everyone deserves a love like Christophe and Carolina, we are happy to share their story and one day make it yours…




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